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Benefits Of Laser Carbon Therapy

Laser carbon therapy offers many benefits including reducing acne breakouts, minimizing pore size, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, evening out skin tone, diminishing dark spots caused by sun damage or aging, smoothing out uneven texture on the skin’s surface, improving circulation of blood cells beneath the surface of the skin, stimulating collagen production for improved elasticity in aged or damaged areas of skin, reducing redness caused by blemishes or sensitivity in problem areas of the face or body.

It can also help improve overall health by promoting better lymphatic drainage throughout your body. 

Laser Carbon Therapy at European Elite Beauty

Laser carbon therapy is a great choice for those looking for a gentle yet effective way to improve their appearance.

Not only does it offer many benefits such as reducing acne breakouts or dark spots caused by sun damage or aging, but it also stimulates collagen production which helps to restore elasticity back into aged or damaged areas of skin.

If you’re considering trying this treatment for yourself then make sure you consult with one of our professionals first to ensure that it’s right for you!

Laser Carbon Therapy NYC


During laser carbon therapy, the laser penetrates the surface of your skin using tiny pulses of light energy. The laser breaks down oil and dirt that are stuck in your pores without harming the surrounding skin. At the same time, a layer of activated carbon is applied to your skin which absorbs any excess oil from your pores and helps to eliminate bacteria from your skin. After this process, new collagen production is triggered in order to help reduce wrinkles and restore healthy elasticity back into your skin. 

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